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Us. Here. Now. (my hp_halloween gift from magnetic_pole)

Us. Here. Now. (my hp_halloween gift from magnetic_pole)

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sherlock.  not good?
Gift for: verus_janus

From: magnetic_pole

Title: Us. Here. Now.
Pairing: Severus Snape/Evan Rosier
Rating: G
Summary: On Halloween, you can move between worlds.
Notes: For Verus_Janus, a Death Eater Halloween coming out story. Enjoy the festivities, V!

Evan Rosier appeared in the Floo while Severus was washing up. Evan, who hadn’t
owled since leaving school. Not once.

“Hullo,” Evan muttered. “You, er, said you’d show me. The Muggles? Halloween?”

Four months ago, they were friends. Now Severus wasn’t sure.

“Never mind--”

“Don’t go!” Severus exclaimed. “You...can’t wear that. That’s missing the point.” Upstairs,
he rummaged for an extra set of robes quietly, so Mum wouldn’t hear.

They walked to the crowded high street where bonfires burned. Severus loved Halloween. Like the spirits, he could slip between two worlds.

When the Dark Lord came to power, every day might be Halloween.

It was hard to explain the holiday’s pull, now that the Dark Lord had shown him another
way. “When I was young,” Severus said, “It was the only time I didn’t need to pretend.”

“I don’t like pretending, either,” Evan said.

Severus was confused. Evan had never lived with Muggles.

“I like being with you,” Evan said. “Us. Here. Now.”

The pieces fell into place. The awkward silences. The unexpected return. Mum always
said magic was strong on Halloween. Anything could happen.

“Yeah?” Severus feigned nonchalance.

Evan grinned. “Halloween’s fine, too. But, yeah.”

In the distance, the bells chimed midnight, ushering in a new season.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • Succinct and told a tale that could spark many tales. yes! to DE, Halloween bravery.
  • D'aww. I could see Severus appreciating Halloween, though i'd gotten the impression there wasn't much of it in England. But to have one day a year when he doesn't have to hide who he is, what a day that would be to him...
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