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Secret Snape for Little Sevvie and I from dear Pennswoods!

Secret Snape for Little Sevvie and I from dear Pennswoods!

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me n snapey death eaters
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you from both of us! Oh my goodness, we are quite overwhelmed! Our little hearts are full of happiness! How thoughtful to have included the little one in this joy! Of course it was his little birthday too as he too is a little Snape.

He has a new camera, just his size. It is a Leica, made by Minox, but it is a single lens reflex miniature camera and still has all the settings of an old style camera, so it is a bit tricky to use. We had been waiting for this exciting day to use it for the very first time ever! But as it is a muggle device and a rather arcane one at that, we didn't realize the pictures had not turned out until it was too late. Little Sevvie and I had taken turns taking picots of the miraculous gifts, but only mine were focussed as intended. So I present them to you now that you might share our wonder on this happy day!

PhotobucketHere is Little Sevvie preparing to take a photo of the mysterious box! What could it contain?! Intrigue!

(here he had taken a photo of the open box with the note enclosure, which was, alas, illegible in the photo) The eloquent note reads:
I hope these little items help you and little Sevvie enjoy Snape's birthday in proper Death Eater style.
Your Secret Snape,

PhotobucketOooooh, can it be? is it really? Really? REALLY? For us? It is the complimentary tea-towel presented on recruitment to the Death Eaters! Ah, there were rumours! I only got my Mark in May. What joy! and there are small fascinating boxes, tied in vibrant and proud green ribbons! What could be in the wee boxes? There is a tag especially for little Sevvie! You can see with what tenderness he cradles the teatowel!

(here the little one had taken a photo of his special little vials with his little tag. He was so Thrilled!!! (but of course kept it to his little self like a little Snape.("eeeeeeeeeee, sparkles!!!!!!!")))

Photobucketand... ooh, almost speechless. for me? really? really for me? and I have so many shirts with french cuffs! oh my goodness!!! CUFFLINKS!!!! With the most beautiful little miniatures by pennswoods herself!!!!!! A serious and most profound Snape with all the Knowledge and depth in his eyes. And my absolute favourite scene in the movies: 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' with Kararoff. Awwww, Snape's little Dark Mark! How could dear pennswoods contain so much into such a tiny image! I am quite stunned!!! I love Little wee Snape! I love his little wee Dark Mark! Now I must somehow incorporate French cuffs into my ball costume for Ascendio!

(here Little Sevvie attempted to take a photo of all the wonders, including the Eye-of-Newt & Jasmine little jar, which was a candle!!!! (We love candles.) And he immediately confiscated it for 'special potions-related purposes.' He wouldn't say what that meant, but I expect it is to aid concentration and provide a special atmosphere for Efficacy when he is brewing (you might be able to see his cauldron in some of the photos.) Alas, his photo did not turn out here, either, so after I attempted to process the photos I set out all the treasures again for two final photos.

PhotobucketThe cufflinks are particularly spectacular!

PhotobucketAnd here is Little Sevvie with his frustrating camera and our beautifulgifts for Snape's birthday, and for little Sevvie's.
  • Wonderful gifts! Love the cufflinks.
  • WOW. How to make little Sevvie and your new Mark at home in your new place. Congrats on having excellent friends.
    • (no subject) -
      • I understand far less than you think. I meant your new Dark Mark. If I had one, I'd like it to feel welcome.
    • Yes, they are all special things I will put on our altar (desk) and wear for super-specail occasions. It is a Death Eater home now for all us Death Eaters. 8^) My friends are excellent, and you are one of them. 8^)
      • I hope to meet you one day soon. I'll be going to Germany in April for a short bit, but until then I am free. Other than work and darkarts_ldws. and the latter is portable. I can come to Van or you can come to Van Isle. *Death Eater gathering, bwa ha ha, after all this time still a DE.
  • What a sweet thing for pennswoods to do! The cufflinks are amazing (as are Little Sevvie's shoes) - I adore them! Happy belated Birthday, to Little Sevvie! May he brew with great serenity with his new ingredients and atmospheric candle. :-)
    • I'm sorry I have not been posting so much. I am still so grateful for your presence and think you are so wonderful. Thank you for the kind words. Little Sevvie is enchanted.
  • Such beautiful gifts, and no doubt just what Little Sevvie wanted. ;)
    • Little Sevvie has a dear little Huffle-heart and loves and has such joy in friends and warmth and love. His little heart is full. He is so touched to see your lovely icon! What a happy day that was. 8^)
  • Looks like you both came away with the goods. Awesome darl, and Little Sev too.

    loves you, Sonia :)
    • It was all so amazing! I hope all is well with you and your dear family. I think of you often, with loves. I haven't been here so much, but I think of you.
      • All is well with us down here. If a little busy. Have not had a real summers day yet here, it is cold, wet and miserable.

        How kind of you to think of us. I too think of all my friends near and afar.

        Loves you, Sonia :)
  • Pennswoods! How on earth did you think of CUFFLINKS? How unbelievably perfect for Janus! *bows down*

    These pictures were a delight. The Maw sat on my lap and enjoyed them as they loaded and crowed with delight at the Hello Kitty. And then..."Snape!" she cried triumphantly.
    • :D

      I came across cufflinks findings at my Michaels last fall and the thought of making cufflinks jumped into my head when I drew methleigh in the Secret Snape exchange. It was a great excuse to try something different from bracelets!
  • It arrived finally! I'm so glad, and I'm so happy to see that you and Little Sevvie enjoy them so much. I hope you both have much joy with each of these little gifts.
  • How beautiful and amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us, most beloved!
  • These are awesom and how cool to see your desk.

    Cuff links! Win!
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